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The Bio
Growing up with a family of healers, naturalists, and beauty creator's, it's no surprise that Rashada Siojo evolved into a natural beauty, health, and wellness expert.


The power to make people look and feel their best is literally in her blood.


Rashada was first drawn to her calling at the tender age of 8 and remains committed to her passion and purpose to heal. Throughout her illustrious career that has since followed, Rashada Siojo has transformed countless individuals with an approach to beauty that is pure, fresh and inspired by nature. The launching of has established a premier online destination that promises to bring the most innovative approach to beauty, holistic wellness & living a full life. Rashada's passion and focus has always been fueled by clients needs that could be remedied with her customized regiments and products derived from nature.


The opening of Siojo Salon in Honolulu, Hawaii in 2003, as well as the 2011 opening of Siojo Salon & Wellness Spa in Philadelphia, PA was a huge accomplishment for the young entrepreneur. Siojo's in-house mineral cosmetics, Siojo make-up and organic skin care, her custom hair therapies and her signature banana leaf revitalizing hair masque are just a few examples. Her artisan craft is only matched by her ongoing quest to glow & grow.

After much vision, diligence, and perseverance since closing her salons Rashada has shifted her business model to an online focus and a goal to one day own a wellness retreat. Based on Rashada's experience in holistic living as a wife, mother and life long advocate for health, her awakening came after transitioning to a plant based diet in 2003 and loosing over 80 lbs as a result. She has since continued on her quest to educate herself and others while creating delicious and nutritious culinary favorites designed to enhance ones beauty, overall health and longevity. Rashada is just getting started with 27 Days To Flawless.

As you enter our online community prepare to be inspired as you embark on your wellness journey.

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Why 27 Days To Flawless?


Why not? Why not love yourselves all over and live your best life yet? Give 27 Days To Flawless all of you and in return you will reap the benefits of living a more vibrant, radiant and energized life filled with love. Your carefully selected plan is influenced by countless studies, personal experience and a plethora of resources. The alchemy and years of Rashada's dedication to nature, innovation and healing is what makes 27 Days To Flawless a divine journey.

On my step by step guide you will join me and a community of others on the journey of a lifetime, optimal wellness and beauty awaits you.  Glow with us!

Rashada Siojo


The Flawless Community

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