I remember the day like it was yesterday, the day that I decided to change my life forever. I was a whopping 220 lbs and depressed. I woke up like this every day and it was not flawless, I’ll tell you that loves! I was totally fed up with the life that I was living, enough was enough! It was time for a major change. I was a mother of two and I knew I had to give my boys a better lifestyle full of healthy living choices. I never wanted them to experience what I experienced battling with my fork my entire life. I decided I was going to clean out my temple and be well once and for all. It was the hottest November in Honolulu, HI back in 2003. I went on a search binge to find all of the informa


Welcome to my blog! Hi Loves! Rashada Siojo here. I am excited to be right here, right now with you. I am eager to share so much with all of you. I want to inspire you all to live your best life yet. 27 Days to Flawless is the ultimate plan designed to jump start your health. It's time to be flawless for life. On this journey I've taken for the past 16 years I have learned a lot along the way. You may or may not have kept up with my journey. Check out the About Me section for more information. This is a community for women by women. Expect topics that will cover beauty, health, wellness, and lifestyle designed for the goddess on the rise and connecting with your sacred self. Besides, we all

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