Adorning The Goddess

Adorning the Goddess with sacred waist beads has been a tradition since antiquity. This is a divine way to embrace your femininity. Embody the Goddess within. Waist beads have been worn as a celebration of womanhood, sexuality, femininity, fertility, healing, spirituality, body shaping, protection and wealth. Adorning the sacred womb/waist of the *Divine Feminine Goddess* is like welcoming the overflowing fertility of mother earth which is infinitely abundant, into your sacred existence. ​ Tribal indigenous woman are known to have once laced beads with charms, earth stones and essential fragrances that would be considered irresistible to the opposite sex. This practice is now less popular,

Paradise Is In Your Mind

Let's talk about finding your inner peace and how Paradise Is In Your Mind. I want to thank you for being here in this sacred space. I was inspired to create this post because practicing peace and finding paradise in my mind is a daily practice that has taken me some time to master. There is a lot going on in this world, times get tough, stressful situations reach their climax. Life can be overwhelming at times. I would like to share what keeps me grounded and connected to my inner peace while finding paradise in my mind in a world full of chaos. In order to maintain my inner peace and live in paradise beginning within my mind. I have developed a list of non-negotiables as daily rituals that

Sacred Woman Soiree

I am feeling so full. It’s the Tuesday after a magical birthday weekend. A weekend filled with so much love, bliss and gratitude. My heart is full because this year on my birthday I switched up my normal routine and I am so glad that I did. You see, I usually am traveling, exploring and soaking up the sun on some private island somewhere around the globe at this time of year. It's my favorite time of year! I was invited to be a part of a wonderful all women's event. ! I am honored to have offered a Sacred Healing Session to hundreds of women that was all about Self Love & Self Healing. The magic took place at the 5th annual Soiree In The Cities Girls Night Out . This event hosted by Ebony E

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