7 Big Questions To Ask Yourself Before Going Into 2019 With New Goals

Whether or not 2018 was "your year" the new year is upon us. Now's the time to take a deep breath and figure out why there is a need to do even better in 2019. Bust out your green juice, your pen & pad & lets get real with ourselves. Listen Goddess, its goal setting time. If you want to make real goals with real potential, you need to be real honest with yourself. Think deliberately about your intention, where you are and where you are headed. I myself have found so much clarity in taking a few quiet days to myself as I embarked on a 3 day dry fast. During this time I was able to hone in on my next best move as the New Year approaches. There's a lot of clarity that comes in stillness and sel

You are Too Powerful to play "it" safe. Manifest the life of your dreams already!

You are Too Powerful to play "it" safe. Hello Beautiful, Have you ever felt like you were in this world existing just enough even though you know & realize deep down inside that you are "TOO POWERFUL TO PLAY IT SAFE?" I know the feeling oh so well. You cannot afford to just exist in his world living a mediocre life when you know deep down in every bit of your core that you are deserving of so much more. This world needs what is inside of you. It is NOW time to ACTIVATE and live by this truth. December has arrived and is reaching a close. A new year is amidst us, it is time to align yourself with your truest purpose. Are you ready? I promise you'll be happy you took the time to read and apply

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