Enemas For Newbies

Hello Tribe, Lets talk ENEMAS! Okay, I know, I know...Tribe however, this needs to be discussed. I receive countless message's on the subject so I decided to write about it. Besides would you believe me if I told you that your true balance, beauty, peace, restful nights & the ultimate glow to name a few, ... is hiding in an enema bag? Yes that's the truth so welcome to Enemas for Newbies... I was first introduced to enemas at the tender age of 4 yrs old. I remember the experience like it was yesterday. I was battling a high fever, I was severely ill with strep throat & I had the chills. I was suffering but my grandmother had the perfect remedy. An enema filled with warm water and a body mass

Day 15 of The Flawless Body Challenge

Hello Tribe, I hope this blog post finds you in great health mentally, spiritually, physically and emotionally. I'll jump right in, I am blogging on this glorious Monday which also happens to be my most favorite day of the week as it always feels like a fresh start. I had to write to express my utter excitement in the results myself and the tribe are getting only 2 weeks into our Flawless Body Challenge. Collectively over 30 lbs have been lost. That is a big deal. To those of you just joining us it's not too late to grab your friends and get started. To the great listeners following the Flawless system, loosing toxic weight and gaining a new lease on life my hat goes off to you. It's been s

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