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2018 27DaysToFlawless

A Spa Day with the Flawless Tribe!


Enjoy sacred stillness, connections, tonics, breathwork, sweating and releasing of toxins, toxic habits, toxic circumstances, toxic life results. 


Restore, rejuvenate, re-awaken, re focus. Learn about ancient beauty/healing rituals & more. 


Find your all white bathing adornments & meet me at the healing waters on 8/18/19 at 11am. 


The time is NOW, we are the women who came to lighten the darkness. It starts with me & starts with you. 


Let it all go as you release the energy holding you back from your truest potential using ancient healing modalities such as sacred bathing, hydrotherapy, dry heat release, herbal steaming, coal heat cleansing, salt release, jade meditation rooms & therapies. 


Join us as we take a trip to self care island. The *Flawless Sol Glow* is a newly offered ongoing gathering at the waters. It is at the water where all life begins. Let us experience a new version of ourselves filled with optimal wellness in all areas of life. 


I’ve healed through many traumas, trials & tribulations of life all while I restored my mind, body and spirit over the many years & I would love to share this beneficial healing therapies & rituals with you. The journey continues.


$50.00 energy exchange offering includes; 

❤️Full day access to Spa/Sweat Lodge facilities 

❤️Entrance to the Sacred Sweat Lodge in the Philadelphia area(location will be released once your space has been reserved.

❤️Experience the very first Flawless Sol Glow 🦋💫Sacred Sweat 3hrs

❤️Flawless healing tonics, elixirs, waters, fresh juices & lunch 

❤️Workshops centered around healing, progression, Manifestation and releasing attachments.

❤️ Intimate Connections with Rashada Siojo & the Tribe

❤️Open forum for sacred sharing. 

❤️Guided Meditation

❤️Tibetan sound baths & vibrational therapy 

❤️Business networking & more. 


🦋🦋🦋Additional services will be available to those who would like to receive them. They include the following;

💫20 minutes of hand & or foot reflexology $55.00

💫Reiki energy re-balancing Starting at $35.00 depends on timing. 

💫Massage therapy 20 minutes of therapeutic massage starting at $45.00 




If you have questions please do not hesitate to ask.

Please note reflexology, reiki & massage services are additional and need to be reserved prior to your arrival 8/18/19 to ensure a smooth experience. 

Payments to reserve your space can be made via cash app or PayPal$Siojo


What to bring

💎An open mind 

💎A loved one ( special gift when you bring a guest)

💎A white towel 

💎A white bathing suit 

💎A large water bottle

Flawless Sol Glow