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Dear Glow

Dear Rose Gold Glow Serum,

Your magical formula came to me on the wonderful island of OAHU Hawaii to simply solve a skin problem.

Here we fast forward 20 years later and you’re still standing better than ever before. The only difference is now you’re available for the rest of the world too. Who would’ve ever thought when I created you in my kitchen for me that you’d be sold world wide years later? (Never Give Up On Your Gifts & Dreams) What would I do without you?

You’re the best friend in the world we travel the globe together. I love you, I can’t go a day without using you, you make me feel confident when I’m feeling blue, you combat aging, you hydrate my skin without clogging my pores, you make my life complete without filters or makeup I look my very best. Everyone loves you 💋

I feel sexy, flawless and beautiful with your all natural blend on my divine skin. From head to toe, everyday we GLOW !

This is a forever flawless thing ✨

Look at my skin!

Rashada Siojo

Flawless Living


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