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The Rashada Siojo

Inheriting her gifts from her family of naturalists, indigenous healers, and community leaders, it is no surprise that Rashada Siojo chose an ever-evolving career as a holistic beauty, health, and wellness guru.


Rashada's ability to connect deeply with women from all cultural backgrounds and walks of life is an innate gift that has evolved from the salon chair into facilitating wellness spiritual retreats, developing courses, seminars, and products. Her power to enhance and transform the lives of hundreds of thousands of people on a global level with her unique services and offerings comes as no surprise. At the tender age of eight, Rashada was drawn to her calling to heal and has remained committed to her purpose in every aspect of her life. Throughout her illustrious two-plus-decade career that has since followed, Rashada has had the privilege and honor to restore the self-esteem and confidence in many of her exclusive celebrity clientele that struggled with lifestyle, hair loss, skin, and health conditions. Her approach to business, natural beauty, and whole wellness is unique and customized with an emphasis on self-preservation that is pure, fresh, and innovative with nature and spirituality as her guiding force. Rashada's life experience as an overcomer, wife, mother of four beautiful children, and lifelong advocate for health and longevity has inspired the lives of many. Her spiritual awakening came while transitioning to a plant-based lifestyle in 2002 and losing over 80 lbs as a result. Siojo's spiritual awakening inspired her to dedicate her life to guiding and activating women as they journey back to self. Rashada is a humanitarian at heart and advocates for her community by teaching the importance of wellbeing. Spending much of her career and life traveling the world as a student to further advance her knowledge and credentials in the fields of nutrition, herbal healing, holistic health, mindset, lifestyle transformational consulting, inspirational speaking, sound healing, breath work, raw food, womb wellness, and Kundalini yoga, Rashada refers to her lifestyle as her work; she fully embodies all that Flawless Living is.


Embracing the many ancestral, cultural healing techniques she's gathered on her life path, her scientific advanced ancient techniques in natural beauty, anti-aging, and the many healing modalities she uses today is a reflection of her never-ending quest for expertise in her field. Siojo's passion and focus has always been fueled by the need to solve the problems of others that could be remedied with her one-of-a-kind customized regimens and products derived from nature. The opening of the first Siojo Salon and Spa in Honolulu, Hawaii in 2002, as well as the 2011 opening of Siojo Full Service Salon & Wellness Spa in Old City Philadelphia was a huge accomplishment that the young entrepreneur will always be proud of.


Siojo's in-house anti-aging organic skin, hair care, and nutritional supplement line, custom hair therapies, and signature Banana Leaf Revitalizing Hair Masque are just a few examples. Her artisan craft is only matched by her DNA. Since shifting to an online space, Rashada now offers exclusive concierge Siojo Beauty experiences for her national beauty client base and plans to pass the torch in launching an online educational space “Siojo Beauty School” specifically for professionals in the near future. Rashada is dedicated to exposing others to The Flawless Living Philosophy resources and philosophies as a means of education, support, and empowerment with culturally diverse communities, spiritual leaders, companies, and high-achieving business professional women. As you enter our online community, prepare to be inspired as you embark on your Flawless Lifestyle Journey.


Live your life by design.

Rashada Siojo will show you how.

Welcome to Flawless Living.


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