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Flawless Lifestyle Services


  • Get that healing lab in order. Schedule your in-home or in-market consultation today.

  • We will identify what foods should stay in your healing lab & what should go.

  • Learn how to properly stock your “Flawless Approved Healing Lab“ to keep you on your path to purification

  • This Pantry Purge also includes

  • *3-5 Flawless Recipes to star

  • *A shopping list for healing essential

  • *Daily mantras to aid you on your journey.

  • Investment offering $250.00



  • All Food

  • Flawless Recipes

  • A shopping list for healing essentials

  • Daily mantras to aide you on your journey

  • Investment offering starting at $550.00- $750.00


Flawless Lifestyle Guidance

Health & Wellness Coaching

  • Schedule a call

  • Expect to touch on the following during your consultation:

  • 60 Minutes $75.00

  • 90 Minutes $120.00

  • Express your current lifestyle concerns

  • Q & A

  • Develop a strategy

  • Flawless Recipes for Life

  • Daily Mantras to aid you on your journey

Purification & Spiritual Guidance

  • Daily, Weekly & monthly meal plans available

  • 2 weekly 30 minute calls

  • 1 monthly 1-hr call

  • 2 in-person visits 2nd & 4th week of each month.

  • Visit 1 is all about exploring the unexplored in the healing lab 

  • Tackle foreign foods you wouldn’t dare try before.

  • Don’t be intimidated be inspired Flawless New Foods Await YOU. **Food inclusive**

  • Visit 2 Flawless Feast or healing activity

  • Pantry Purge (1hr)

  • Shopping Trip (1hr)

  • Flawless Bonus Recipes

  • A shopping list/prescription for healing essentials

  • Daily mantras to aid you on your journey.

  • Monthly Investment offering $1,111.00


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Flawless Services

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