What are the benefits of seamoss?	Made from our Flawless Sea Moss that has been tripled washed, soaked for 24 hrs, cleansed and blended in reverse osmosis water, prepared with love & supreme energy ready for consumption.Take 1 tbsp daily for nutrition. To use as a culinary tool, sw moss gel can be added to drinks, soups, patties, sauces & more to bind & thicken while adding more nutritious value. Flawless Wildcrafted Sea Moss Gel can last several weeks chilled & up to a 1 year if frozen. Orders cannot be shipped to P.O. Boxes. We ship this item via 2 day shipping to most states. Over night shipping is highly recommend. PACKAGING AND SHIPPING INFORMATION 2. If you Will NOT be home to receive the items at the time of delivery, we STRONGLY suggest having the order shipped to your work location, or, to a family member/friend/neighbor who can take the items in and put them into proper cold storage immediately on arrival.  We are not responsible for items that have been delivered early in the day and are not retrieved until later in the evening and or the following day. 

Original Sea Moss Gel 16 oz


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