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•This is a virtual physical offering. Complete the questions you’ll receive via email. Once consultation is complete all treatments will be formulated and sent physically virtually.

This Growth Ritual Includes:

1 30 minute video consulting call.

•A recorded instructional video based of your personal hair/growth/health needs.

•A customized hair growth/ restoration kit

The kit includes a series of customized treatments for 90 days.

•A customized meal plan to further enhance growth results

• A Growth Energy guide

• A increased movement manual that assists in cellular regeneration & hair health/growth

•A healing crystal to use in the areas to recharge the chi energy & increase circulation

•A hair growth tea blend

•Green Magic Flawless Supplement

•Flawless Sea Moss Gel

•A instructional Ritual Guide

Rashada Siojo’s Hair Growth Ritual Course 90 day Process


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