Siojo Protein For Me

Siojo Protein For Me

All natural custom made hydrating protein treatment for the hair and scalp. Leaves the hair ultra shiny, soft and manageable. Nourishes the scalp & promotes hair growth, optimal healthy tresses. Easy to use, comes with step by step instructions. For best results use monthly.
  • Instructions

    SIOJO Hydrating Protein Hair & Scalp Growth Mask

    Apply from root to ends, saturating the hair completely. Place hair in the plastic cap included and leave on hair for 45 minutes at room temperature or under heated dryer.

    Rinse the hair thoroughly, shampoo or co-wash the hair 3 times followed by conditioner, detangle the hair while the conditioner remains, rinse thoroughly with cool water.

    Style/set as normal or air dry & enjoy healthy, shiny bouncy hair.

    ***Refrigerate before & after each use. This product is preservative and chemical free. 100% organic all natural. For best results use every 3 weeks.