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Sacred Bathing

Have you taken a bath lately? I haven't and I always notice myself getting a little out of sorts when its been a while. In a time of go, go, go we can never sacrifice our spiritual, mental and physical health for the cost of productivity, success or accomplishments. Balance is an absolute must. There will always be another thing to check off of our many lists of to do's, another email to send, another task to handle. Sometimes we have to put those never ending lists aside and let them wait. 30 Minutes of self care. Checking in on a weekly basis is just what the self care doctor ordered.

Sacred Bathing, I consider it to be my mental health check in that it keeps me balanced and operating on a high vibrational frequency. I learned to make sacred bathing a ritual of mine a long time ago. It was then that I realized how rewarding it was to my life as a whole that it became a part of my many to do lists! It just had to be okay because that's just my reality. I am so grateful to offer some of my self care tips to you.

Sacred Bathing Rituals all week for this Goddess. It’s definitely a vibe. As I prepare for my new year this coming Saturday June the 30th, I rise today in gratitude and in love with all that is and will be. I felt compelled to share some of my sacred bathing rituals with you here on my blog.

"The 27 Days To Flawless System" I designed incorporates rituals to awaken and embody the Goddess within. Ritual...It is essential to unleashing your inner Goddess and healing thyself. Water is sacred as it holds energy and heals. Let's go on a healing journey by way of sacred bathing. Thank you for being here. Enjoy!


Some of my Rituals include burning/smudging frankincense, myrrh, cinnamon and sage to purify and sweeten the mood. Once you are in the bath cleanse your entire body with natural soap. Say a prayer, whatever comes to your heart revel in the very moment of pure peace. I suggest you play or sing spiritual uplifting songs. I love the native flute for bath time. The native flute allows me the stillness needed during sacred bathing. Set the mood for the healing session you deserve.

Peace Love and Sacred Time wins every time with me. I like to take full advantage of my time with myself. I am such a better person when I am in touch with my self first. One of the best ways to check in with self is in sacred healing waters, with great music playing, aromatic scents, flowers peaceful energy.

History of Bathing

Dating back as far as 2000bc, ancient Egyptians were among the first to widely adopt the power of the hot tub and baths for its sacred therapeutic values understanding the power in flowers and aromatherapy. Cleopatra was known for her radiant glowing skin and timeless beauty, perhaps it was because of her sacred baths. More baths for me please!

Please note when using any thing on your skin it is best to get the highest quality ingredients! Only the best for the best. Below you will find a recipe for Sacred Skin oil along with a Sacred Bath that I just love.

My Offering

The Glow Up awaits on so many levels. Accept this offering and treat yourself to quite an enchanting experience that is well overdue.

The Experience...

Bathing in your sacred space setting the mood is important. Cleaning and clearing your bathroom as you get ready for your sacred bath is critically important. I love cleaning while music is playing and oils or smudge is burning. Here are a few of the items I use to add to my sacred bathing experience.

Roses have healing and enchanting powers. I love bathing with roses as any Goddess should. I use only organically grown Red and Pink roses when possible. Adding the elements of nature to this bathing experience is simply healing. Roses have been used in skin care and rituals for thousands of years. I use Roses often in my "Flawless Skin Care" regime.

Candles are a great way to bring in the fire element while setting intentions prior to lighting. I always use white candles for peace and harmony and pink for inviting more love into my life and heart. Lighting a candle for a particular purpose or intention is practiced world wide and has been for many many years. People from all spiritual walks of life practice this ritual. Light a candle with intention and let it burn until complete.

Sound is healing. I love adding to the atmosphere of a room by using sound therapy. When taking a sacred bath use soft music that makes you feel relaxed to add to the experience. The native flute and Tibetan singing bowls gets my soul glowing every time. I love finding these non stop recordings to play for the duration of my sacred bath.

Aromatherapy flower essence is truly divine and contributes in a magical way to any sacred bathing ritual. My 2 favorites mentioned here are Lavender & Jasmine

Earth Salts are a great addition to purify the mind body and spirit. Pink Himalayan salt is one of the best salts to purge with in a sacred healing bath. Slough away the dead skin, impurities and things weighing you down. Add a minimum to your bath and feel renewed as this increases circulation and energy levels.

Sacred Healing Stones are extremely powerful and will charge you all the way up leaving you feeling clear, focused and on a high vibe. I often use crystal clear & rose quartz for love, peace and vibrant energy. The stones work great in or around the sacred bath. 1 is just as powerful as multiples. Start where you are with what you have. Find what stones work best for you.

Sacred Solitude is just that sacred. Rest with yourself in this sacred bath for 30 minutes or more. Allow yourself to be open for messages received during this sacred time! Keep a flawless scribe near. When you are done take your time and anoint your beautiful body with oils. Repeating the sacred bathing anywhere from three to seven times per week until your inner voice reveals that the self healing work is done.

Sacred Skin Oils

My favorite blend is coconut oil with a few drops of lavender oil try this blend and let me know what you think!

My Birthday Offering to you!

Sacred Skin Oil Recipe🦋


You will need 1/2 cup oil to 15 drops of lavender essential oil

Instructions: Mix oils until well blended. This blend is safe for your entire body, head to toe. Apply slowly as you massage every part of your body.

Sacred Bathing Recipe Recap

  1. Clear and clean your sacred space.

  2. Draw a nice warm bath.

  3. Set the mood by lighting candles, burning oils and or smudging your sacred space.

  4. Relax the atmosphere by playing uplifting music that makes you feel good.

  5. Adorn your water with roughly 2-4 cups of fresh rose petals.

  6. Awaken your senses by adding 15 drops of Lavender and 15 drops of Jasmine essential oil to the water.

  7. To seize the moment and detoxify during this sacred bath, add 2 lbs of pure earth salt (sea salt or pink Himalayan sea salt is best) Allow the earth salt a few minutes to dissolve.

  8. Submerge your self in this Sacred Bath and enjoy Goddess. Allow yourself to relax and escape pretending you are on a private island with no cell phone reception.

  9. Anoint your body with the Sacred Skin oil mentioned above.

Stay tuned for more sacred living tips.

With Love

Rashada Siojo

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