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Choose Happy Smoothie

What are you choosing today? Affirm with me before we get into this tantalizing breakfast desert.

Today I choose happiness

Today I choose bliss

Today I choose grace

Today I choose abundance

Today I choose to show up

Today I choose to live in the now

Today I chose to eat good food

Today I choose to be surrounded by happiness

Today I choose to practice presence

Today I choose to honor my feelings

Today I choose live with no regret

Today I choose resilience

Today I choose self respect

Today I choose to do things for the soul purpose of my happiness & not others

Today I choose me

Today I choose to step back & rethink

Today I choose to re-evaluate

Today I choose to re-awaken

Here’s a fave recipe of mines! Let’s raise the vibe & nourish our bodies with what it needs & wants.

Choose to feel good live your best Flawless life 💋 let’s dance & affirm 💃🏻& get into this superfood bliss.

Flawless Living Tip🦋

Super Foods are Flawless Approved Foods that have impactful health benefits.

Super foods reduce inflammation, the risk of disease, they have amazing health properties & can improve your quality of physical, emotional & spiritual health.

I use superfoods often in my Flawless recipes. They have a supreme content of vital nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins yielding a Super Human.😉

Raw Cacao

I encourage you to include them on your Flawless Living diet daily in a balanced way. You’ll be nourished, balanced & on your way to achieving your healthy mind body & spirit✨

Cacao Powder


✨1 cup of ice

✨2 cups of almond milk

✨1 tbsp cacao powder

Maca powder

Indian Ginseng aka Ashwagandha

✨1 tsp ashwagandha

✨1 tsp maca powder

✨2 tbsp peanut butter

✨1 tbsp flawless sea moss (link in bio)

✨1 sachet of Delgada supreme detox superfood coffee


Add all ingredients to a blender & blend until smooth & creamy. Share if you will...

Abundance is your birthright it’s all around you. Never apologize for your bliss. Show up as your best version UNAPOLOGETICALLY!

Rashada Siojo 💋

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Rashada Siojo
Rashada Siojo
21 avr. 2021

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