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Tune In Wrap Recipe

Here is a favorite go to lunch wrap that I'm sharing with you.

This delicious wrap is great for lunch dinner and can be added as a dip or even in your fave macaroni salad, rolls, wraps or however you like it. This is the gluten-free live version so tweak it to your liking.

So Tribe,

After a long day of running all around with my children on a Saturday I came home with very little stock in my pantry, which is the way I like it because some of the most amazing recipes of mine are birth when I have limited ingredients.

So I came up with this recipe on a swift and if you've been following me for a while you know that no two recipes are the same. I'm always creating new recipes and I definitely love sharing them with you so let's delve right in and get ready to glow and grub.

For this recipe you will need the following:

one cup of raw pre-soaked sunflower seeds one medium green bell pepper

3 to 4 fresh celery stalks

one medium size red onion

herbs of choice a handful of your faves!

I use purple basil and parsley

1/4 of a cup of soy free vegan mayo

3-4 sheets of sea vegetables that have been dehydrated.

I really really like the brand Sea Sea because it has simple ingredients. Just olive oil, sea salt and seaweed.

Try that brand.

Or you can use your favorite brand of choice.

1 teaspoon of kelp

1 teaspoon of dulse

(these are sea vegetable seasonings)

just for added minerals, iodine & flavor.

We're for a vegan tuna which is why it's called a tune in rap and it'll give it that flavor.

You can use 1/2 of a key lime just to really bring all the flavors together. I like to add cayenne pepper to taste add a pinch of sea salt, just remember that the sea vegetables are high in natural sodium so be mindful of your sodium usage.

Arugula or your favorite greens are a great addition to the wrap. I also added some crushed red pepper peppers and if I had more vegetables I would've probably added tomatoes, avocados and more sliced onions etc.

All right so this is how you're going to prepare your tune in wrap mix that is oh so flawless!

You're going to combine all ingredients in a food processor with the exception of the sea vegetables, key lime juice and the vegan mayo. Pulse these ingredients until it is the texture of your liking.

Flawless Tip: Tribe, it's very important to pre-soak the sunflower seeds so it's easier on your digestive system. Be sure to pre-soak sunflower seeds overnight the night before to make it easier to prepare.

Once all ingredients have been pulsed in a food processor you can fold it into a large mixing bowl, add your mayo, add your crushed seaweed, your spices etc.

Give it a really good mix and it's ready to be served.Enjoy this several ways, you can serve as mentioned in the beginning of this blog post, as a dip, or in your favorite macaroni salad, a salad topper, on any choice of bread that you like (I personally used keto friendly coconut wraps), which you can order online I'll insert the link here but feel free to use whatever you like!

Enjoy this over and over and over again guilt free. This recipe will keep for up to 72 hours in your refrigerator.

We want to hear from you when you make this recipe so make sure you give me feedback about how you like it. Most importantly remember you can tweak this recipe and add your own favorite twist.

I like to top my wraps with fresh basil, fresh cilantro & parsley...whatever herbs I have on hand because I just love my medicinal, delicious flawless foods so come back again for more blog posts and share this with a friend.

Peace and love & Nourishment

Rashada Siojo

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Hello my sister it’s me so proud of this beautiful community you have created keep blessing others with you warm spirit and beautiful gifts love ya @prpduct_snob on IG

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