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Green Magic

I am so in love with my “Daily Dose Of High Vibes“ If you‘ve ever journeyed with me on “27 Days To Flawless”, you've experienced the bliss of *Green Magic* during every single cycle as it’s a staple in all of The Flawless Living Programs.

🦋Green Magic🦋

SO, what‘s all of the hype about?

Well since you asked my love...Green Magic is my daily dose of sea greens, adaptogens, superfoods, minerals & herbs. I’ve proudly manufactured this proprietary blend exclusively for my family for decades. It is NOW Available for You!!!

What are the benefits? Well since you insist on being inquisitive which I love!

Green Magic does the following...

Gives you ENERGY

Helps You RELAX


Makes You HAPPY

How do you use it? Very simple...

Take 1 Tbsp with liquid, add to smoothies, dressings & more for optimal well being.

Made with love on Turtle Island 🦋

Check out our labels below. We’re so excited!

Here’s a few Flawless Recipes to enjoy in so many ways.

Green Magic is super versatile.

You can add it to liquids, smoothies, salad dressings & sauces.

Get Excited! It’s time for you & everyone you love to get glowing & going on

🦋Green Magic 🦋 •High Vibes & Extreme Focus✨

Flawless Green Juice


4 green apples

1 hand full of watercress

1 lime

1 cup of water

1 tbsp of Green Magic


Instructions:Juice, Shake well, chill & GLOW


Green Magic Elixir


🦋Kale 2 cups

🦋Lemon 1 squeezed

✨Apples 4 cored or 2 cups of apple juice

🦋Ginger 1 inch

✨1/2 cup of water 🦋1 Tbsp of Green Magic

Instructions: Combine all juiced ingredients with Green Magic, add ice or not & shake well or blend until smooth. Enjoy 🤍

Green Magic Smoothie


🦋1 Avocado

✨1 Cup of pineapple juice

🦋1 tsp of ginger juice

✨1/2 cup of water 🦋1 Tbsp of Green Magic

Instructions: Combine all juiced ingredients with Green Magic, add ice or not & blend until smooth. Enjoy ✨

Green Magic Salad Dressing


✨1 cup of kale

🦋1 tbsp of lemon juice

✨2 tbsp olive oil

🦋2 cloves of garlic

✨1/3 cup of water 🦋1 tbsp of “Green Magic“

✨7-10 basil leaves

🦋 a pinch of sea salt

✨1 tbsp honey

Instructions: Combine all ingredients with Green Magic, blend until smooth. Enjoy over a Flawless Salad.

You can find more salad recipes on The Flawless Blog 🦋

Green Magic Tonic


🦋2 cups of apple juice

✨2 cups of water

🦋1 tbsp of lime juice ✨1 Tbsp of Green Magic

Instructions: Combine all ingredients, add ice or not & shake well. Enjoy

Life is more than going to work & paying bills. The only way to get a return on your investment is to become an investor in YOU. It starts with what you nourish your mind, body & spirit with. I hope you enjoyed this blog & you’re inspired to try the Green Magic Recipes. Before we go you may or may not know this by now however I’m always ready to affirm & speak life over my life & your life too!

Affirm With Me ✨🤍

I am awakened and allowing limitless possibilities to flow into my existence.

I am allowing myself to surrender old limiting beliefs.

I challenge the stories I tell myself.

I awaken & am reborn into limitless possibilities.

I flow & I Act.

I now open myself to inspiration and watch creativity flow to me.

The past is behind me, I release it and open myself to anew.

Everything that I need exists in my current experience.

I am my greatest asset.

I love you I love you I love you. Come again soon, share this space with your loved ones & elevate.

Rashada Siojo


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