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Sacred Woman Soiree

Rashada Siojo Creator of 27 Days To Flawless and The Flawless By Siojo Brand.

I am feeling so full. It’s the Tuesday after a magical birthday weekend. A weekend filled with so much love, bliss and gratitude. My heart is full because this year on my birthday I switched up my normal routine and I am so glad that I did. You see, I usually am traveling, exploring and soaking up the sun on some private island somewhere around the globe at this time of year. It's my favorite time of year!

I was invited to be a part of a wonderful all women's event. ! I am honored to have offered a Sacred Healing Session to hundreds of women that was all about Self Love & Self Healing. The magic took place at the 5th annual Soiree In The Cities Girls Night Out . This event hosted by Ebony Edwards is a fabulous event that invites women from all over the world to gather as they sip, shop, mingle while supporting and honoring one another. What better way to celebrate my birthday one would say?

It was at this event where I Pre-launched "27 Days To Flawless The Ultimate Glow Guide" which I can not wait to get in your hands. I shared complimentary samples of exclusive recipes from my up and coming new book (scheduled for release really soon). The "Immaculate Israeli Salad" and the "Bountiful Birthday Punch" was a much loved sample. I introduced the "27 Days To Flawless Glow Collection" an all natural skin hydrating system which is the secret to my flawless skin. I also introduced the online exclusive programs to come.

2 Goddesses Getting their Glow on with the "Glow Collection"

There were so many beautiful Goddesses that I was so honored to connect with at this fabulous event. We gathered In a sacred space where I shared part of my Journey, we laughed, took deep breaths, practiced presence, and left our worries behind to escape to an island of peace with no cell phone reception as we connected. While each session was a brief introduction of whats to come in the near future, it was just enough time to make this gathering special and purposeful. I was so moved hearing so many stories, it was great to meet in person many of my instagram tribe. It was the best celebration one could ask for.

How wonderful was this to celebrate not only my birth date but the birth of whats to come with the Flawless By Siojo Brand as a whole?

It is my hope that you take some of these Flawless Lifestyle tips home with you and add it to your life with love and gratitude to enjoy but first get into the atmosphere by checking out a few of the captured moments. The energy was amazing during and after the sacred woman session. So much love in one room!

Soiree Goddess Sonia

Beautiful supportive clients and friends Tracee and Linda

Soiree Goddeses Getting their glow on with the Glow Collection

Rebecca Jade & I

The Sacred Sessions offered included the following...

Sacred Woman Soiree Recap

1. Intentions

Setting intentions upon rising in the morning add more intention to your day by rising in love and gratitude. Affirming that your day is going to be a great day!

2. Checking in

Checking in with your self, practice true awareness by paying close attention to your emotions, thoughts and feelings. If something or some one makes you feel not so good switch that feeling around. Play some good music, find something to laugh at, dance hey twirl if you have to. Let it go most importantly.

3. Breathing

Breathing slowly and completely throughout 5 repetitions "in through the nose and out through the nose slowly and steadily" This takes very little time out of your day and will help you healthy mental clarity, practice presence, and oxygenating the cells of the body while raising your mood. Keep consciously breathing.

4. Hydration

Hydration is the key to success it really is. Drinking half of your body weight in ounces on the daily will keep you from craving junk food, hydrate your skin, increase circulation while elevating your mood while aiding in digestion and elimination. Don't you feel successful already? Drink your water Goddess.

5. Journaling

Journaling is a very powerful and effective process of having a healthy dialogue with a non judgemental piece of paper while managing to release lots of energy through the active meditative art of writing. Grab a journal and make it your best friend. I love writing down my goals & aspirations and making them real by writing. I am able to keep them alive by referring back often. There is something magical about real ink and real paper. What's written on paper, it becomes real. I find myself at times retreating inward with myself self and writing during the most stressful moments it helps me tremendously. Try it!

6.Sacred Bathing

Sacred bathing is key to being a Goddess on the glow. If your restricted from bathing for any reason fret not, there are other ways to add to the atmosphere and enjoy your time bathing/showering. I find that taking a moment to create bathing rituals keeps me centered. I love adding beautiful music, essential oils and candle light to my bathing time and literally taking my good old time to love all up on my self. To follow, I enjoy anointing my body with lovely oils as I speak love all over myself. This is a great way to awaken your Divine Feminine Energy. Make it an experience to enjoy often. See my blog post on Sacred bathing you will be happy you did.

7. Healthy Self Talk

Talking to your self is the best way to redirect your energy while becoming your own greatest source of inspiration. The conversations you have with your self can make or break your entire life experience. Practice being kind to yourself in your self dialogue and thoughts, welcome compliments from others by simply saying thank you with no rebuttal. Tell your self that you are amazing and capable practice kind self talk daily! If you find that your being hard on your self, shift it and focus on good feeling thoughts and conversation. Don't worry it takes practice but the more you talk kindly to yourself the better you will be and the kinder people will be to you. Talk to yourself often, its the best person to have a conversation with.

8. Love

Invite love into your heart by placing your left hand over your heart and with your eyes closed Repeat this mantra often "I AM LOVE" I AM OPEN TO LOVE" I LOVE MYSELF" I AM LOVED". See it feels good to know that you are love. Love is the highest vibration known to man and all that we need is love. It starts with you. Add love to everything that you do and be open to receiving and experiencing more love in your life.

9. Conscious Eating

Conscious eating is one of the most important things to practice as food has immediate affects on the mind body and spirit. Eating fruit during the first half of the day before 3pm, Enjoying rainbow salads and healthy choices will keep you glowing and going. Eat to live, eat to self heal, eat to raise your mood an increase your longevity.

Salads can be fun and fulfilling! Learn more, get started on 27 Days To Flawless today! Elevate by way of fork!

Join "27 Days To Flawless" for a health & wellness journey of a life time. Purify the mind, body and spirit by way of fork as you adopt healthier more mindful eating habits designed to nourish, and regenerate every cell in your body. Get The Glow Goddess. Get started today! I'll be here to guide you.

Flawless approved vegtables, fruits and herbs. Greens for the glowing Goddess. #27daystoflawless

Berries berries and more berries for the ultimate glow! Lots of great live smoothies and recipes on the Flawless System! Lets do this!

10. Escape to Nature & Raise Your Vibration

When all else fails escape into nature. When my vibration is off and I know I need to raise my energy, my mood,shift my perspective, I make it a non negotiable habit to stop drop and roll into the arms of Mother Nature. This is a must to keep my self on my "high flying disk" by going out in nature, breathing, quieting my thoughts, connecting with myself and re focusing my energy. I love taking "Flawless Tonics" for instant gratification I will share one of my favorite recipes below. Nature is the greatest medicine enjoy it often.

A love offering of the exclusive Flawless Recipes from the Glow Guide featured at Soiree In The Cities just for you.

Immaculate Israeli Salad Recipe


1 head of Cabbage

1 cup chopped fresh Parsley

1 cup of fresh Cilantro

1 lb of fresh Kale

1 cup of raw sunflower seeds (soaked over night in pure water for better digestion)


Step 1: Roast sunflower seeds in the sun for 2 hrs or the oven for 1 hr on 200 degrees.

Step 2: Rinse and chop all ingredients

Step 3: Toss all ingredients in a large bowl, you will have left overs for later to enjoy.

Note: This is a generous salad that will allow room for leftovers. The cabbage and kale hold up with out getting soggy for a few days in the fridge with the dressing. store in an air tight container & Enjoy for a few days!

Lemon Date Dressing


1 pitted Date

4 tbsp of fresh Lemon juice

2 fresh Garlic cloves

4 tbsp of Tahina/Tahini sauce

6 tbsp of warm water


Step 1: Soak the date in 6 tablespoons of warm water for 15 minutes

Step 2: Toss all ingredients including the date water into a high speed blender, blend until smooth

Step 3: Add to a container and chill for 30 minutes , toss over salad and enjoy!

Note: you can find this sesame seed paste pre-made at most health food stores and grocery markets

Bountiful Birthday Punch


1 watermelon

2 limes

1 bunch of cilantro


Step 1: Rinse cilantro, peel limes, cut watermelon for juicing with skin in tact

Step 2: Add ingredients one at a time to a juicer.

Step 3: Add ice, sip and GLOW!

Note: I suggest storing excess juice in mason jars. Drinking 64 ounces of live fresh juice daily is the ultimate way to optimal health.

Flawless Tonic


2 inches of fresh Ginger

2 Lemons


Step 1: Juice all ingredients with skin

Step 2: Chill or not

Step 3: Take it to the head & vibrate higher

Note: Ginger increases the blood flow in the body hence providing extra energy will lemon is a great detoxifying agent. Detoxing in any form will provide gratification. This is a part of my daily routine.

I'd like to personally thank, express love and gratitude to Ebony Edwards for inviting me to take part in The Soiree In The Cities Event and for creating a divine platform for women all over the world to empower one another. Blessings to a beautiful soul inside and out!

Rashada Siojo Founder and creator of 27 Days To Flawless & Flawless By Siojo Pictured with Ebony Edwards Founder and creator of Soiree In The Cities at the 5th annual SITC

Check back here often there's so much in store for you. I hope you enjoyed the Sacred Women Soiree Recap and it adds value to your life. I would love to hear what you thought about the recap, how you enjoyed the Sacred Session offered or if we talked at the Soiree and how some of these tips may have helped you.

If you are wondering how to get started on the 27 Days To Flawless Live food cleanse program.

Get started glowing immediately, email me I would love to hear all about your health and wellness goals and guide you on your journey. I love to connect socially as well, find me on instagram flawless_by_siojo. Locate the exclusive Facebook group titled "27 Days To Flawless" I would love to connect with you.

Get in the group, Get on the List, Get inspired, Get connected, Join the Tribe, Invite your Friends and Let's Get Glowing.

In closing I just want to remind to to fall madly in love with your self. As you embark on the journey of healthier living. Fall in love with yourself daily in the moist perfect way. It is when you love yourself perfectly you can receive perfect love in all areas of your life.

With Love

Rashada Siojo

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