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Paradise Is In Your Mind

Let's talk about finding your inner peace and how Paradise Is In Your Mind. I want to thank you for being here in this sacred space. I was inspired to create this post because practicing peace and finding paradise in my mind is a daily practice that has taken me some time to master. There is a lot going on in this world, times get tough, stressful situations reach their climax. Life can be overwhelming at times. I would like to share what keeps me grounded and connected to my inner peace while finding paradise in my mind in a world full of chaos.

In order to maintain my inner peace and live in paradise beginning within my mind. I have developed a list of non-negotiables as daily rituals that I am excited to share with you.

Upon rising daily I open my eyes and I go over a list of things to be grateful for in my mind. This can be your health, your job, house, car, your partner, children, creativity, your eyesight, the sunshine, waking up to see another day.

I then will affirm to myself that today is going to be a phenomenal day filled with peace, bliss, and fulfillment before my feet touch the ground.

I then head to my meditation room and I acknowledge the divine creator, my angels, my ancestors, and spirit guides for continuing to show me the way.

The next thing I do is find a comfortable space on the floor and I check in with my breath. There are many different breathing exercises that will aid you in finding your peace. Here is one of my favorites. Left nostril breathing for 11 minutes.

To begin, take your right hand and use your index finger and press your right nostril closed, take your left hand and place it over belly button and close your eyes begin to breath using only your left nostril. Slowly inward once your belly is full of air hold this breath for a few seconds an then slowly exhale using only your left nostril. Continue this exercise slowly and steadily until your mind is quiet, your heart is open and you feel completely present. Try it right now. Seriously, right now. I'll wait...take this time for a self check-in.

How did that feel? This is a guaranteed way to elevate your mood at any given time of the day.

After breath exercise I then enjoy sound therapy for a few minutes by way of my Tibetan singing bowl. This further takes me to paradise in my mind. Sound therapy has been used for centuries to shift the energy of a space or a person, to balance the meridians of the body, to raise one's vibration and simply to enjoy. There are many forms of sound therapy. Your sound therapy could be your favorite song. Whatever puts you in a elevated state of existence.

After this sound bath I get up and I get active. Now it's time to move, love and stretch my body temple. There are so many ways to get active. Here are some of the ways that I get active. I dance to high energy music while allowing the tunes to move my soul, I stretch every part of my body. Making it a point to breathe as I stretch. I practice Khundulini yoga, which is an ancient form of yoga that combines focused breathing, movement and hand mudras while chanting in Sanskrit. I love Khundulini yoga! It has taught me the art of breathing with intention, moving on purpose, and connecting with my true self. Find an activity that works for you to complete for 30 minutes each day.

Now it's time to head down to my healing lab a.k.a. kitchen. Once I walk into my lab I set an intention to nourish my body with healthy foods and water for the day. This is going to provide me with what I need to operate on my highest level each day. I always start with 3 cups of large glasses of lemon water. This is going to hydrate my body, increase the circulation of the blood and naturally raise my energy levels.

I make it a point to feed my body temple with live flawless approved foods for my supreme health. You can find more flawless approved recipes here and on my Instagram handle @flawless_by_Siojo. Here is a great recipe for breakfast that will keep you vibrating high all day.

Flawless Beauty Bowl


For the Bowl - Fresh Blueberries, Blackberries, and Raspberries as many as you like.

For the flawless yogurt - 1 Cup of Cashews (soaked over night in water and dried on a cloth for a minimum of 1 hr.), 1/2 Cup of Coconut Water, 2 Cups of fresh Strawberries.


Step 1: Blend the ingredients for the yogurt and add 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla.

Step 2: Pour into a bowl and chill overnight.

Step 3: In the morning after your morning rituals enjoy this beauty bowl by adding the fresh fruit to your chilled flawless yogurt.

Note: For added beauty sprinkle 1 tablespoon of Chia Seeds on top. Mix and enjoy!

Doesn't it feel like paradise already? Your life can be like this everyday. Not just during a week of vacation.

After break-fast I will have time with my journal. My mind, body and spirit has been nourished at this point. I can now nourish my soul by writing. Writing has helped me release a lot of thoughts that cloud my mind at times. It is a safe space that is private, welcoming and non-judgmental. Try it sometimes! You can create your paradise on paper first. Every night before bed I create my tomorrow on paper with a list of to-do's. After my morning journal session I pull out that list. Now I am clear, ready and eager to take on the day.

Mid day check-ins. Sometimes no matter how you start your day the arrival of mid day can bring challenges and obstacles. If for some reason I fall off of my high flying disc I immediately check in with myself by tuning in and completing a body scan so that I can get back on my high vibration and elevate my mood. We must realize that our thoughts, emotions, actions and words that we are feeling and using today is shaping our tomorrow.

By practicing these rituals and non-negotiable's on a daily basis you are likely to achieve optimal success in all areas of your life. Remember we all deserve peace with knowing that paradise is in our mind.

In closing, vibrate higher with me by adding a flawless approved tonic or adaptogen to your daily rituals. Here are a few of my favorites, to be taken before 3 pm. Try them, Let me know how much you enjoyed them or anything in this post by commenting below.

Wheat Grass Tonic


2 ounces of Wheat Grass

1 Lemon (juiced)


Step 1: Combine ingredients

Step 2: Drink immediately

Note: You can find wheat grass shots in any health food store in the freezer section or at a juice bar.

Sorrel Wake me up Tincture


1 Tbsp of fresh dried Hibiscus

1 Lemon Juiced

1 Tbsp raw honey


Step 1: Add herbs to lemon juice

Step 2: Stir in honey

Step 3: let stand in a container with 6 ounces of water in the sun for 2 hrs, enjoy!

Note: If you aren't for having loose herbs floating around your drink straining this tincture before consuming with a nut milk bag or strainer is an option.

Tune in Tonic


1 inch or 2 of Turmeric

1 Orange

1 inch of Ginger


Step1: Juice all ingredients with skin

Step2: Drink immediately

Note: For best results take on an empty stomach. This is great for elevating the mood any day, fighting inflammation and lethargy.

Join the flawless movement! 27 Days To Flawless a 4 phase transformational journey by way of fork. For more details contact me via email.

With Love and Gratitude,

Rashada Siojo

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