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Adorning The Goddess

Adorning the Goddess with sacred waist beads has been a tradition since antiquity. This is a divine way to embrace your femininity. Embody the Goddess within.

Waist beads have been worn as a celebration of womanhood, sexuality, femininity, fertility, healing, spirituality, body shaping, protection and wealth.

Adorning the sacred womb/waist of the *Divine Feminine Goddess* is like welcoming the overflowing fertility of mother earth which is infinitely abundant, into your sacred existence. ​ Tribal indigenous woman are known to have once laced beads with charms, earth stones and essential fragrances that would be considered irresistible to the opposite sex. This practice is now less popular, however wearing beads for the seduction of men is still one of the primary reasons some women wear them.

All waist beads found in this sacred space are imported from Ghana in limited quantities, energetically charged with love specifically for you.

Ghana and other parts of the world has a rich tradition of wearing waist beads. It is common for women in Ghana to wear waist beads as ornaments, as well as for symbolic adornment, which serves as a sign of wealth, femininity, aristocracy and spiritual well-being.

During Ghanaian naming ceremonies, babies are typically adorned with waist beads while young adults also wear beads around their waists and on their hips during puberty rites as a portrayal of femininity. These beads are believed to possess the power to attract as well as evoke deep emotional responses while providing the wearer of the beads with the fertile energy of the sacred mother earth to birth ideas, aspirations and new experiences. ​ As part of tradition, a successful suitor would commission a set of beads including bracelets, anklets, necklaces, cuffs and waist beads for his bride. This was part of her dowry and the foundation of her personal wealth. Women in Ghana would wear multiple strands of beads around their waist, with some cultures providing that the only person allowed to remove them was her husband on their wedding night. ​

It is believed that the practice of wearing multiple waist beads over time will help to keep the waist small and accentuate the hips. Since traditional waist beads are strung on cotton cord they can be a good tool to measure weight gain and loss. They will not stretch, they will either break or continue to travel up the waist when weight has been gained. Similarly, they will travel down or eventually become so loose they will fall off when weight has been lost. This has worked for me over time while completing a series of fasting cycles on 27 Days To Flawless with sacred beads that started at the very top of my waist, the same beads are now falling low below my waist landing on my hips after loosing over 40 lbs this year alone. This has me officially "Feeling My Self".

Wearing waist beads has been a great way to connect with my body in identifying the foods that don't serve my temple well. When I eat something that doesn't help the health of my gut my beads instantly become tight from the swelling of my intestines. I am now constantly paying attention to how my stomach feels after each meal since wearing waist beads. I love that I know just when I've had enough to eat. I give birth to new worlds with every single set, I am currently wearing 9 sets of intentionally charged waist beads. ​

Here I am pool side on 7/1/18 with my sacred waist beads.

I have worn waist beads for many years and Iv'e enjoyed every moment of such. I was introduced to waist beads by Queen Afua, the world renowned Sacred Healing Queen and author of some of my favorite reads; "Heal Thy Self" & "Sacred Woman". I do not take wearing waist beads lightly as they are the gateway to a women's throne. What I love to do prior to wearing my beads is to charge them up energetically and set my intention before adorning my womb space with these sacred adornments. I feel like a true Goddess once I have my layers of beads around my waist with purpose.The Goddess is ignited, its magical! I then feel obligated to stand in my truth. I am reminded by every glance of my sacred beads, of my commitment and intention I made to myself while stringing them around my womb space/waist. The colors of each bead and stone holds different energies and purpose. I personally wear white for purity and peace, pink to attract more love, red for more courage and power, green for fertility and growth, purple for royal ancestral energy, blue for intuitive energy, orange for sexual energy etc. Naturally I find that I am drawn to the beads I need when I need them, its all divine.

Sacred waist beads are given with a myriad of intentions one of which is to ignite the womb power in both divine feminine and masculine energies, in indigenous culture sacred waist beads were used to stimulate the energy points of the body. Bringing forth prosperity, abundance in all areas of life and peace. Find what works for you, allow your inner spirit to guide you to embody the Goddess within.

Don’t be intimidated by the photos of only small waist Goddesses wearing waist beads. Women of all shapes and sizes can confidently adorn themselves with waist beads as well. I started adorning my body with waist beads in my heavier days and they made me feel oh so divine & sexy. Many women will tell you that they use their waist beads to shape their waist. Traditionally beads are worn along your panty or bikini line and not your actual waist it allows for all women to comfortably wear these sacred waist beads no matter their size. Wearing them is really a personal reflection and appreciation for your God-given beauty. All of the sacred wait beads available for offerings here on this site are previously charged energetically with flower essences, herbals and love. When receiving your beads add your own energy and adorn your self with intention Goddess.

Waist Bead Adorning Ritual

*Upon receiving your sacred wait beads it is a great idea to add your own intention and commitment. Think long and hard, write it down if you must.

*Take a sacred bath, try the recipe here on my blog on *Sacred Bathing* and meditate on your commitment to your self and your intentions you wish to set.

*Using rose water or oils of your choice, spray or immerse your beads in the waters/oils while thinking of your commitment to yourself while wearing the sacred beads, you can leave them under a *Full Moon* or a *New Moon* to spiritually enhance your intention.

Every thing we do as Goddesses should be done with divine intention.

Rose Water Oil Blend Recipe


1/4 cup of Rose Water

1 tbsp of Florida Water

2 drops of Lavender essential oil

Instructions: Combine all ingredients, add to a container or spray bottle, spray or immerse beads in this solution.

*When ready to adorn your waist with the sacred beads, wrap them around your waist and tie them in the desired area of your womb with love energy tying at least 3 knots, with at least 3 wishes.

*Unleash the Goddess within and enjoy your sacred waist beads with love and purpose.

Check back here often there's so much in store for you.

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In closing I just want to remind you to fall madly in love with your self. As you embark on the journey of healthier living. Fall in love with yourself daily in the moist perfect way. It is when you love yourself perfectly you can receive perfect love in all areas of your life.

With Love & Gratitude

Rashada Siojo

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