You are Too Powerful to play "it" safe. Manifest the life of your dreams already!

You are Too Powerful to play "it" safe.

Hello Beautiful,

Have you ever felt like you were in this world existing just enough even though you know & realize deep down inside that you are "TOO POWERFUL TO PLAY IT SAFE?" I know the feeling oh so well. You cannot afford to just exist in his world living a mediocre life when you know deep down in every bit of your core that you are deserving of so much more. This world needs what is inside of you. It is NOW time to ACTIVATE and live by this truth. December has arrived and is reaching a close. A new year is amidst us, it is time to align yourself with your truest purpose. Are you ready?

I promise you'll be happy you took the time to read and apply the information I am sharing with you. As a successful Entrepreneur for the past 20+yrs. I have reached many highs and lows in my life, I have failed forward many times in many ventures, I have succeeded many times over as well. I am grateful that in the midst of the learning lessons and ups and downs in business & life, I've maintained my light within by remembering "I AM TOO POWERFUL TO PLAY IT SAFE."

You, yes YOU are too powerful to play it safe! Cheers to no longer playing it safe. Grab your pen your pad your "Green Goddess Juice" (recipe below) pour it into a fabulous glass and let's toast to no longer playing it safe with our lives. This is a long post but it'll be worth get cozy and GLOW with me.

If you haven't heard this before I am here to let you know it is true. Whatever "it" is, for you. Just when I forget a piece of myself in translation of life's many happenings, I look at a reminder I have written on my bathroom mirror in red lipstick that says, "Rashada you are too powerful to play it safe." I'll then recite to myself "Rashada Siojo you are too powerful to play it safe." I tell myself this several times on a daily basis. I've even written "it" down on real paper and placed "it" on my vision board to look at every morning upon rising. This habit alone has had an amazing affect on my productivity.

I love this pic of my little brother at the Grand Canyon tapping into his power and he is definitely not playing it safe!

I decided to write this blog post as an open letter to my tribe. A lot of times we can get in our own way by playing it safe with our lives even when we know the time has come for us to step out of our own way and remember there is no more time for playing it safe. I too am guilty of getting in my own way and playing it safe with my life, at least I used to be. I declare and decree that I am no longer playing it safe with my life. I am no longer available to play it safe. Say it with me! "I am no longer playing it safe with my life." Doesn't it feel encouraging and fulfilling to say these words and actually mean them? Say them and mean them again & again, envision yourself no longer playing it safe with your life and your perception & actions will eventually shift. In this blog post I share tips & daily practices that help get me through playing things safe and taking action towards living my wildest desires.

I will share some of my greatest habits that contribute to my success that I've used for many years. Perception is everything and it truly creates your reality. I have always been an optimistic person by nature, perceiving/seeing the glass half full instead of half empty. I quickly learned that with optimism there must be action and while there may be rough patches along the journey I must look for the fullness in each experience and keep trekking on. I created a virtual program titled "The Manifesting Tribe." I've been honored to work with so many determined souls that are ready and willing to do what it takes to take heir lives to the next level.

This virtual group was created as I decided to encourage others while staying motivated myself to take more risks, accomplish more goals and live out my dreams. I had to become comfortable with being uncomfortable, pushing myself a step further each moment I could. For me this meant getting in front of the people I aspire to become, not being afraid to ask for the support I need along the way.

"Ask and ye shall receive" I am a firm believer in asking, believing and receiving. I am also a firm believer in "communal accountability" no matter which way it is delivered we are all here in this life existence with goals, purpose & passion. Sometimes living out our goals, purpose and passion takes a little extra push from a support tribe. The "Manifesting Tribe" was birthed in the midst of me remembering who I am. The time is NOW for you to Remember Who You Are. I encourage you to take from this open letter some of my key techniques, affirmations, action driven tips & mantras.

Apply these habits to your life and blossom as you begin to live your wildest dreams. I encourage you to browse around my blog for more self help posts that will add divine value to your life and the lives of your near and dear loved ones. I would love to hear about how applying some of my tips, completing 27 Days To Flawless, attending any of my workshops/retreats, or taking any of my virtual courses has helped you for the better. Send testimonials here.

Happy Manifesting loves.

No more playing it safe. You have to take a leap of faith without fear in order to accomplish some of your greatest desires in life. "We are ever evolving."

Affirmation - "Alone I am nothing, united I am everything." Say it with me! "Alone I am nothing, united I am everything."

Now lets get to the "Manifesting Tips & Strategies" that have helped me achieve MASSIVE MANIFESTING SUCCESS.