Earn Thy Foods

It all started on July 5th 2018, I began another cycle of 27 Days To Flawless.

It was the repetitive cycles that not only held my coaching clients accountable but also myself. What fun it was as an accountability partner and coach for the many beautiful women I have the honor of connecting with virtually from all over the world. I also had my own reasons as to why I decided to continue on my live food cleanse. The main reason was for my own personal evolution. It was a daring act to go on completely raw foods in the middle of the summer, when party, social occasions & vacation season is at an all time high. I had the courage (surprisingly) to put my fork down. I figured I would be in a divine position to continue and complete deadlines for my company & its growth as well as staying in alignment with the Flawless Tribe.

As I approached the sacred 3rd Phase of fasting, a shift took place within me.

Not only was I vibrating at an extremely high level, I was attracting so many life changing experiences & divine opportunities into my life experience. I had more energy, I began to loose excess weight, I laughed a lot more, I became aware like never before. I remember writing in my journal about how far I've come, things I wished to manifest & experience and so much more. It was like a small still voice urged me to write. On day 3 of complete juice cleansing, I mean no solid foods for the duration of Phase 3 of 27 Days To Flawless. I had also taken a break from cooked foods, alcoholic beverages & artificial foods. I was lonely on this particular day...Its not always easy going on a fast, naturally you retreat inward and though it can be rewarding on this particular day I felt slighted and left out from the indulgences of the summer time familiar fun. I began to think backwardly for a brief minute and I began having a pity party for my self it was within this time frame I slipped off into the deep end of negative thoughts. I knew I couldn't stay in that place for too long, I quickly turned that negative momentum around and checked myself by taking a few minutes of deep breathing, I began raising my vibration with music to dance to and good reads followed by a restorative nap.

Fast forward to day 7 of my live food fast, everything is going just swell at this point. I am feeling oh so divine as I am now silently counting down the days to complete this 3rd phase telling myself every moment I got a chance "you have 3 more days to go Rashada"!

Over the course of the following days I began mentally preparing myself for a successful end to my fast. Successful meaning I had to constantly remind myself of all of my hard work over the course of the last several months & to go backwards was not an option. I had to plan each post fast menu ahead of time with intention and promise myself. My intention was not to succumb to the lower part of my habitual self and revert back to low vibrational unhealthy comforting foods.

This took a lot of mental work & discipline. After fasting and being forbidden from the foods you've known & grown to love rather if it loves you back or not...Hell yes this was hard mental work.

It became a minute by minute practice as the days on my cleanse grew shorter and shorter, I began to get nervous and ask myself if I had power over myself ? Or do the foods I've grown addicted to, control me more than me? This made me think long and hard... It was scary honestly, I couldn't believe I even had to go there with myself however this was my truth in this moment.

It was then that I had an epiphany and a yearning desire to control the lower, weaker parts of myself by remembering my reasons for starting. I had long kind conversations with my self as I went over all of my spiritual, physical, emotional, professional goals & in this moment of realization I declared that I would commit myself to all of the things I deserved & desire, all of the experiences I deserved & desired in this life and that is what made me think about the divine purpose & connection with foods & how important it is for us to value, appreciate, align & connect with our foods.

I started thinking about my ancestors and how they had very little conveniences that we have today, how much energy it took to create meals back in their time from growing, to harvesting to creating. I began to think of hunger in the world as a whole, about how so many people are literally sitting somewhere in the world with their tummy a lot more empty than mine in this very moment without the luxuries of live fabulous juicing yet they have no idea when or let alone what their next meal is going to be. I begin thinking about the convenient American diet, how we have access to the abundance of foods with little to none nutritional value nor are we often taking the time to put into creating health filled loving foods with our families from scratch as our ancestors once did.

I began to think about the lack of gratitude and appreciation that happens by default when we as a people forget the true purpose of food, family, growing our foods, creating meals together...The love involved in the offerings of foods to friends and family, and what stood out the most during this epiphany was the divine sacred act of earning and appreciating our foods which had been a lost act... it hit me like a sack of potatoes and I talked about it all night which is why your reading about this on my blog right now. I was inspired to write in my journal the notes started a little all over the place like this...

Earning your food is a divine act. I say this as I am currently completing a 10 day live food juicing cleanse. This is Phase 3 of 27 Days To Flawless, every time I go on a fast I have spiritual experiences. This time around I had an epiphany about earning our foods let me further explain. I have been an avid faster for 16 years, more often over the last year. It is such a divine experience. I have found that it is when I put the fork down I begin to gain clarity and peace, it is a feeling like no other I almost can't even begin to put this into words, it is to be experienced. Upon the close of my 10 plus day Juice cleanse which consisted of a combination of *Flawless Exclusive* juice recipes designed to purge every part of the body system, I began loosing all desire for food 3-5 days into this all liquid fast. I begin to feel so quiet, so at peace, so present. I experienced uber bliss with very little desire to eat on most days, some days I would sit and salivate over all of the creative tasty *Flawless Foods* I couldn't wait to get my hands on. I just remember becoming completely consumed with breaking my fast towards the end, all of the health filled foods I couldn't wait to enjoy & create. This moment made me really appreciate the value in earning my food.