Earn Thy Foods

It all started on July 5th 2018, I began another cycle of 27 Days To Flawless.

It was the repetitive cycles that not only held my coaching clients accountable but also myself. What fun it was as an accountability partner and coach for the many beautiful women I have the honor of connecting with virtually from all over the world. I also had my own reasons as to why I decided to continue on my live food cleanse. The main reason was for my own personal evolution. It was a daring act to go on completely raw foods in the middle of the summer, when party, social occasions & vacation season is at an all time high. I had the courage (surprisingly) to put my fork down. I figured I would be in a divine position to continue and complete deadlines for my company & its growth as well as staying in alignment with the Flawless Tribe.

As I approached the sacred 3rd Phase of fasting, a shift took place within me.

Not only was I vibrating at an extremely high level, I was attracting so many life changing experiences & divine opportunities into my life experience. I had more energy, I began to loose excess weight, I laughed a lot more, I became aware like never before. I remember writing in my journal about how far I've come, things I wished to manifest & experience and so much more. It was like a small still voice urged me to write. On day 3 of complete juice cleansing, I mean no solid foods for the duration of Phase 3 of 27 Days To Flawless. I had also taken a break from cooked foods, alcoholic beverages & artificial foods. I was lonely on this particula