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9 Dynamic Daily Journaling Tips For Self Healing & Awakening.

Peace & Love Loves! its been a while, I had way too much fun this summer. Fall is quickly arriving and it's time to get down to business and come down to earth while manifesting our wildest desires. A new cycle of 27 Days To Flawless began just yesterday as the New Moon welcomes new change.

I am so excited to share my continued journey with the Tribe. I decided to share a Ritual of mine that has contributed to my success since I was a child. Journaling, I asked my mother who was a dancer and an actress as she raised me, "Mom, why didn't you make me a dancer or an actress so I could follow in your foot steps?" Her reply was, "Rashada, you were never a dancer or an actress, well maybe an actress but definitely not a dancer, you were Always a writer, you had no interest." I guess mothers do know best! I am so grateful she allowed me to be me. Here I sit in my hotel room in Washington DC Inspired to share 9 of my daily Journaling Tips for Self Healing and Awakening. After exploring much of this magical city I feel vibrant and energized. Lets get into it!

You may have heard just how powerful Journaling can be, just the simple act of writing "it" down on "real" paper makes "it" real!

I am a firm believer of the above statement, as a matter of fact I live my life by that statement and anything I have ever experienced has been written down on some piece of paper before it manifested into my world. I love stumbling upon old scripts I had previously written about my self and crying in joy and awe that it really came into my reality. I know for a fact that I have the power with pen and paper first, to create anything I desire and so do you.

Journaling is a great way to let go of the stresses and anxieties in life, it's a healthy way to process our emotions while connecting with our inner selves. I never leave my house without my journal it's always there whenever I am feeling overwhelmed, stressed, confused, creative and excited.

Once I began truly making it a point to write on the daily or when feeling inspired to do so, I've become more connected to my intuition and that small still voice of reason. This has kept me in a more grounded tranquil place of mind. I have healed many relationships with myself, others and food by Journaling, I have used this method to get through my darkest times, using affirmations, self notes and future planning outlines to remind myself constantly to stay on my path. I have become a better me with the help of my Journal.  I would make excuses as life got busier, I didn't have enough time, or maybe I grew out of writing, maybe I just was blocked... Prompts has helped stimulate that part of myself that can better express myself on paper. Take Journaling day by day,  start with a line or two just write. It is my belief that we are all writers with a story to create or tell. What is your story?

Here are 9 Powerful Journaling Tips for Self Healing & Awakening to help you get started.

1. I am so happy and grateful now that I...

This is an excellent way to welcome more to be grateful for in your life, write away. A minimum of 10 things you are grateful for will definitely raise your vibrations and help you remember the little things we can often take

for granted. Be creative, write about the things you wish to experience in your existence.

2. I promise to nourish my body with nutritious foods and water by...

By making a clear concise decision to nourish the body properly helps keep your mind made up which welcomes more mindful conscious eating.

Go a step further by writing "Just for today I will eat... I will drink... plan your meals around this daily until it becomes a way of life.

3.  Today I will do these 3 things that will help me get closer to my wildest dreams... These three things are...This will remind you that you are capable. Practicing this daily will have you checking off your to do lists by becoming your own accountability partner and getting things done, this is will create the feeling of success and keep you vibing oh so high.

4. I feel good about myself because I...

(This will keep your self love radar all the way turned on) Write about yourself and what makes you feel good about yourself and re-read this often!

5. Revel in the greatness to come... This will allow you to remember to use your imagination by writing out your new life on paper first while keeping your inner child alive which is very important while writing daily. I do this often as I am ever changing and life requires us to do such which is why we are constantly on a never-ending quest to do better which I know is a great naturally human thing.

6. I love... Writing about what we love will open our hearts to more love in our lives. Whenever I am out of sorts I especially write about what I love. This keeps me feeling good which is important to my mental health.

"I love that you are reading my blog post and it is changing your life for the better."

7. I welcome the support in... This will put you in the receptive mode to receive the support you need to get further ahead in your life, a lot of times we can be closed to support. Those days are over. Be ready and receptive, write about the support you welcome into your life no matter what it is pertaining to and watch the support show up!

8. I feel... Staying in touch with how you feel will not only keep you connected to your most inner self but it will also help you become more aware of your feelings and make adjustments swiftly when necessary. I have began this practice of writing about how I am feeling in the moments good or bad. I often check in with myself and see how I am truly feeling in times of stress, happiness and uncertainty. I have fallen deeply in love with making sure I allow my self to feel at all times.

9. The one thing I would say to my inner child, the little child within that has been wounded in childhood... I had to save my best for last. It took me quite some to realize that in order to move forward in my life I had to first work on healing my inner child, the little girl within that was wounded. What did she need me to do or say? Writing was/is the only way to work on this version of myself. I write to "her" often and I am liberated because of this act alone.  Some of the things holding us back in life are false beliefs about ourselves and the world that we were taught during childhood. It's time to find new beliefs that align us with our truest version of our selves. (this is a great topic for another blog post)

Stay tuned loves! I hope this helps and you apply the 9 most powerful daily dynamic Journaling tips that has helped towards my self healing and Awakening. Until next time

Join the flawless movement! 27 Days To Flawless is a 4 phase transformational journey by way of fork. For more details contact me via email.

With Love and Gratitude,

Rashada Siojo

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