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7 Big Questions To Ask Yourself Before Going Into 2019 With New Goals

Whether or not 2018 was "your year" the new year is upon us. Now's the time to take a deep breath and figure out why there is a need to do even better in 2019. Bust out your green juice, your pen & pad & lets get real with ourselves.

Listen Goddess, its goal setting time. If you want to make real goals with real potential, you need to be real honest with yourself. Think deliberately about your intention, where you are and where you are headed.

I myself have found so much clarity in taking a few quiet days to myself as I embarked on a 3 day dry fast. During this time I was able to hone in on my next best move as the New Year approaches. There's a lot of clarity that comes in stillness and self reflection I'll write more about my fast in my next blog post.

We are ever evolving beings, there is no way you are who you were in early 2018. So it is major that you take some time well spent with yourself before just making plans to achieve goals that may not even be your truest goals.

Here are the 7 Questions

I reflected on before I mapped out my 2019.

Everyone should reflect this way.

What are you proud of in 2018?

Most importantly, you must honor & celebrate your successes of 2018. I mean really, you did you do some great things in 2018? Reflect back on all of your accomplishments both big and small, all of your wins this year and focus in on those that made you feel most proud.

What is it about the time that lightens your soul & makes you stand tall? When did you feel most creative?

What was your biggest mistake?

Mistakes are tough but there not worth being hard on yourself. Count them as lessons, mistakes inhibit growth. It's totally necessary to make mistakes, whats not necessary is having to make the same mistake twice. Reflecting on the circumstances that put you in the uncomfortable situation can help you avoid making that mistake again.

Put your ego and pride aside and really think about your biggest mess up this year. Why did it happen? What lesson did you learn? Mistakes become lessons and we grow from these experiences all while becoming a better version of ourselves. Make sense?

Was there ever any times you felt entirely complacent?

Complacency or feeling stuck can be a very frustrating & terrifying experience. The truth is we've all been there in one area of our lives or another once in a while.

Feeling complacent is actually a great sign that change is on the horizon. Reflect back to what made you feel that way in the first place and plan to move forward.

How much time did you make for yourself in 2018?

Making time for yourself yields amazing results in ALL areas of our lives. Self-care is just as important to your goals as your hustle is.

If you totally neglected this area of your life this year, make a commitment to yourself right now that you'll do a better job caring for yourself in 2019. I have written a few great self care blogs, check them out!

Set aside a few hrs on a daily basis designated to your self care just for you. Take a vacation with yourself, practice yoga, treat yourself to something lovely. Do things that contribute to your overall well being and do it often.

Who or what was your greatest source of inspiration?

It's a big deal who you choose to spend the most time with. We naturally become the 5 people we spend most of our time with. The people, places and things we experience the most completely rubs off on us. Choose wisely!

Surrounding yourself with inspiring people that act as a great source of encouragement for you to live out your dreams and aspirations is a key to your success. The level up is NOW. Who's that one person that had you GLOWING in 2019? Call them, express gratitude, share with them how much of an impact they had on your life in 2018. Your environment & friends are just as important as your skills & experience when it comes to your success.

Have you actually changed in 2018?

This for me was one of the toughest. I look at 2018 as a year of drastic change and it was not easy though necessary. It's highly possible that you have evolved into a better version of your self this year, a better version than where you were at this same point last year. The question is how can you measure your growth while being honest with yourself? Reflecting on how you've grown, how you've spent your time, energy and money is a healthy way to measure your growth and determine if you can do even better in 2019 while understanding where your priorities and passions are now compared to the past year.

Who do you wish to become by the end of 2019?

The question that is oh so important to have somewhat of an answer to, who do you wish to become by the end of 2019? If you could get a glimpse into your life by the end of 2019, what would make you feel your absolute best?

Now that you have a clear picture of what that looks and feels like for you, start working diligently towards that. Your goals and dreams are much more attainable than you may realize. Changing thought patters, habits & daily routines one step at a time is a major key to gaining success in all areas of your life. Its a day by day, minute by minute process. Trust the process and get to the Golden Goals Goddess.

Spend more time pausing, reflecting and checking in with you, a lot of insight comes when we do this. Understanding how you feel about past happenings, how you've been affected by those experiences and how you plan to feel and grow through them will make a world of a difference in being able to keep things moving forward.

Lastly, my advice is to make goals that only you can hold yourself accountable for, they must be important to you and only you. Hey this is your life ,you only live once make it a Magical one.

Rashada Siojo

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Let's Glow into 2019!

With Love and Gratitude,

Rashada Siojo

*Beauty, Health & Wellness Expert

*Holistic Living Guiding Goddess

*CEO of Flawless By Siojo a Lifestyle Company

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