Pretty Flawless Thai Peanut Salad

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Here I am, delighted to share one of my most favorite salads in the whole wide world. The Pretty Flawless Thai Salad. I really hope you are enjoying the Flawless Recipes I’ve been sharing. It is my wish that you’ve taken my teachings & expanded in all areas of your life, you’ve been eating Pretty Flawless as spring continues to bloom & you’re feeling fantastic.

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This space is dedicated to transforming your life as I share with you my lifestyle & how I transformed mine on every level. I was once 220 lbs at 5ft 5in, depressed, poor mindset, bad skin & not a self care ritual in sight. My shift, your shift...all starts with the fork so let’s get into this recipe🦋

I was actually inspired to create this recipe by one of my favorite vegan chef’s, named Markus. This is my version of his Thai Salad. I just love learning from other chefs in the raw food world, I love getting inspiration and I love paying homage by re-creating the recipes and having fun with them. No two recipes of mines are the same. I’m always inspired to be creative and flow so it’s been very fun to actually create the recipes & share them with you. This means I actually have to measure them out and it’s been very rewarding and amazing that you can also create the recipes over and over and over again.

Each recipe tastes the same if not better every time so grab your pen and pad, you’re going to love this one especially if you like Thai flavors & if you’ve been to Thailand or plan to visit, think of the recipe as a quick escape.

I love using some of the most authentic organic ingredients in this & every Flawless Living recipe. This recipe is great for lunch & dinner as a main or side dish. You can even snack on this at work 😉 glow up with every fork full.

Let’s get into it!

You will need:

•2 bunches of kale

•1 cup of fresh cilantro (for topping)

•1 cup of fresh parsley (for topping)

•1/3 cup of peanut butter

•1/3 cup of chopped scallions (for topping)

•2 tbsp of minced garlic

•1 tbsp of chili paste

•1-2 tbsp of ginger powder fresh ginger is OK

•1 lemon or lime

•1/3 cup of sesame oil

•1 cup of peanuts (roasted)

•1/3 cup of water

•1-2 tbsp of honey or agave nectar

•2 tablespoons of coconut amino‘s or Braggs (shoyu)

•1 tbsp black sesame seeds (for topping)

•A pinch of Himalayan sea salt

•A pinch of pepper flakes to taste

•1/4 of purple cabbage head

*A large bowl for mixing your salad dressing *A separate salad dish that you can store in the fridge because you will have leftovers so call your friends over and Eat Pretty Flawless🦋


Shred your cleaned purple cabbage, set aside.

Remove stalks from cleaned, chop finely set aside. Chop your cilantro and parsley set that aside together in a bowl (for topping)

The Thai Peanut Dressing

In a blender or a bowl add all wet ingredients, ginger & garlic.

Mix all ingredients well until smooth & creamy. Add your pepper flakes and a pinch of sea salt to taste. Adjust the measurements according to your taste palette. Store covered in the fridge.

Great as a dressing, marinade or dip

Toss a